Two Year Subscription to Every Day with Rachael Ray with Purchase of Love with Food Subscription

Bonus points for a cute box
Love with Food, a snack subscription box for $10 a month, was kind enough to send me one of their October boxes to review.  (They sent the box, but all opinions are my own,) Here's what was included:

Open Box
I love when a box is packed nice and full!

Here's everything that was included.  Looks like a good value for $10.
Kind Bar
KIND Fruit and Nut Delight Bar

Happy Squeeze
Happy Squeeze Fruit and Veggie Twist - my three year old at this in 1 minute flat, so I was glad there were some purple carrots in there.

These Pizzelle Crisps were a sweet little treat.
The kids loved these Caveman Cookies, too.  I was glad there were one for each of them!

I still haven't quite figured out what to do with these apple cider vinegar pearls.
I am taking suggestions. ;)

I don't do coconut, but my husband inhaled these and gave them good marks!

This was an October box, so the candy was a perfect fit for Halloween.

If you're into some variety for your snacks and would like to try some healthier options, Love with Food is a great subscription box.  Here's a great deal if you want to try out Love with Food.

If Love with Food sounds interesting to you, I have something to even sweeten the deal!  Love with Food is currently offering a deal for two free years of Every Day with Rachael Ray magazine.  I adore Rachael Ray (as evidenced by my other blog) and can't recommend this magazine enough.  Use the code FESTIVE2013 to get $5 off a Love With Food subscription (it is valid till 12/1)! Also for every 6- and 12- month subscriptions purchased from now till 12/1, Love with Food will add on a bonus 2-year subscription to Every Day with Rachael Ray magazine! This promotion is also valid if current subscribers switch their plan to 6 or 12 month plans.

Let me know if you give it a try!

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Rollover Meals on this Week's Rachael Ray Show

I've already shared my excitement about Rachael Ray's new cookbook, Week in a Day.  But if you haven't watched her show on the Cooking Channel, the concept might be a little unfamiliar.  If you'd like to see it in practice, check out Wednesday's episode of Rachael Ray.

On the show, Rachael will share a recipe for Grandpa's Braised Beef.  Then she, and some guests, will create three additional dishes using the beef: Prime Rib Hash, Risotto with Braised Beef, and Griddled Braised Beef Sandwich with Caramelized Onions, Tomato Jam, Arugula, and Taleggio.

Check out this clip for a preview.

First Book from Rachael Ray's Publishing Imprint: Beating the Lunch Box Blues

Rachael Ray recently started a new publishing imprint called Rachael Ray Books, in partnership with Simon & Schuster. The first book is right up my alley (what a surprise!) called Beating the Lunch Box Blues by J.M. Hirsch (as an aside, I also want to check out his first book, High Flavor, Low Labor: Reinventing Weeknight Cooking). It was just published on September 3rd.  If you'd like to learn more about J.M. Hirsch and his recipes, check out his blog.  He's also got a blog on Rachael Ray's website.

Check out the discussion:

The second book from Rachael Ray Books will be Bake It, Don't Fake It!: A Pastry Chef Shares Her Secrets for Impressive (and Easy) From-Scratch Desserts.  It will release on November 19, 2013.

My cookbook addiction is pleased about this new venture from Rachael Ray, but my bank account is not!

New Rachael Ray Cookbook: Week in Day!

Rachael Ray has a new cookbook being released on October 22: Week in a Day. I have been waiting for a cookbook like this from Rachael Ray since she started her Week in a Day show on the Cooking Channel.  Finally!

Now that I (mostly) stay home with my 2- and 5-year old, I actually cook at least five times a week.  (I couldn't say that before I had kids or when I was working full time!).  And in those five days are joyous events like soccer practice at 4:30-5:30, which is prime time for dinner cooking. So, I pretty much freak out every time Rach comes out with a new cookbook, but this one might require me to get some medication (I kid!).

Just a fair warning - these aren't 30 minute meals.  However, they are major time savers, since prep work is done in the beginning of the week, then assembly occurs each night.  Sometimes, it's just pulling a dish out and reheating it, but the ones I have seen on Week in a Day on the Cooking Channel often required at least some work on the "night of."  Check out some of the recipes on The Cooking Channel to get a better idea of how the system works.

Here are some details from the Amazon listing:

Rachael Ray’s Week in a Day, the companion book to her hit cooking show of the same name, offers more than two hundred recipes that will help you prepare five nights’ worth of meals in a single day. The woman who taught America how to make a meal in 30 minutes is sharing more of her practical and easy tips that will have you eating well for days to come!

Each week features its own theme, including From a Taco to Morocco, A Chicken in Every Pot, and Stew on This, allowing your taste buds to travel around the world with dishes such as Chicken and Chorizo Spanish Enchiladas, Argentine Chili with Chimichurri, and Zinfully Delicious Short Ribs.
In addition, Rachael shows you how to fit all the groceries you need for three fabulous meals into a single bag with her special section, 1 Grocery Bag, 3 Meals. And you can enjoy bonus content and extra recipes for side dishes by scanning the QR codes displayed throughout. When the weekend rolls around, this book has everything you need to get ready for your Week in a Day. Come Monday night, you’ll be glad you did!
That "1 Grocery Bag, 3 Meals" feature is one of my favorites from Rach's magazine, so I'm pretty excited about that, too.  It's perfect for a week when my grocery budget could use a little help.  Are you as excited about this new cookbook as I am?

Rachael Ray Talks About Her Talk Show

Check out this interview with Rachael Ray, where she talks about what makes her talk show different and why she thinks the show show is really hitting its stride:

Book Tour for My Year in Meals

Rachael Ray has announced the dates and locations of the book tour for My Year in Meals.  The furthest West she is coming is Texas, so I am out of luck here in California!

I'll update this post if I see any new dates added.

Thanksgiving Menu 2012

Okay, it took me at least four versions, but I finally came up with my final menu for Thanksgiving. It's mostly the same as last year, except I am going to give a cornbread and chorizo stuffing a try. But since I also love Rach's Apple and Onion Stuffin Muffins, I'll be making those, too! And yes, all the recipes are from Rachael Ray, of course.  I am the first to admit I have issues, okay?  Here it is: