Budget Travel Girlfriend Getaway

So, Budget Travel Online posed the following question:
You and two girlfriends are going on a girlfriend getaway. Which famous woman would you like to round out your foursome?

Not surprisingly, Oprah came in first place by a landslide. I mean, she's got the dough to bring some luxury to the trip, right? And some darn good stories too. In second place came Jennifer Aniston. I am doing my best to resist making a joke about her coming in second again. Oops, too late. And only .3 percent behind Jennifer Aniston was Rachael Ray. That's a pretty darn good showing, especially considering other stars on the list include Angelina Jolie (at least Jen beat her this time!), Cameron Diaz, Katie Couric, and Martha Stewart. I will go on a girlfriend getaway trip with you anytime Rachael Ray!


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