More Details on Rachael Ray's Newest Book

There is more information now on Barnes and Noble about Rachael Ray's newest 30 Minute Meals book: Express Lane Meals. I really like the concept of this one because it sounds practical. Since I try to eat the freshest food possible, I end up going to the store three or four times a week. It would be nice to pick up only a few items on those trips. Without Rachael's guidance, I would be overwhelmed about what to keep on hand and what to buy, at least until I get the hang of it. Here is the more detailed description:

Rachael Ray Express Lane Meals: What to Keep on Hand, What to Buy Fresh for the Easiest-Ever 30-Minute Meals

Rachael Ray is back and speedier than ever! With her latest batch of recipes, the Food Network phenomenon takes her beloved 30-Minute-Meal concept to the next level, providing recipes based on items from a well-stocked pantry and just a few fresh items -- so few you'll never be stuck on a long grocery line again. After all, the time Rachael saves her readers in the kitchen shouldn't be spent in the grocery store hunting down hard-to-find ingredients for their next meal.
The idea is that every cook should have certain items in the fridge, freezer, and pantry shelf at all times: jarred roasted peppers, boxes of low-sodium chicken broth, frozen artichoke hearts and Italian sausage links, and, of course, pasta of every shape and size (not to mention at least one good bottle of EVOO). With the pantry set up to go and replenished on a bi-weekly or even monthly basis, getting a dinner together means a quick trip through the express lane and you're good to go in minutes.

Express Lane Meals proves that the right combination of even the simplest ingredients can result in a meal that will delight. Never short on creativity, Rachael's newest recipes cover the entire spectrum, including everything from light meals to dinners fit for entertaining.

As always, Rachael's signature style jumps off of the pages, resulting in meals that are just as much fun to make as they are to eat. Thirty minutes and a quick trip through the express lane have never been this delicious!

I am so excited! I wish they had some recipe examples or chapter headings so that we could know what style of food will be in it or if it will be the usual mix of stuff.

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