Muppet Mouth?

Because the Rachael Ray blog does not pretend that everyone loves Rachael Ray, I present this column for your review. I don't love that the writer of this column refers to Rachael Ray as the "Muppet-mouthed star of such Food Network faves as 30 Minute Meals and $40 a Day." And it only gets worse. I guess the writer was inconvenienced when one of Rachael's TV shows, Tasty Travels, was filming in a Portland restaurant. The restaurant ground to a halt when she entered, which made the writer mighty upset. However, he apparently warmed to our dear Rachael after a bit:
Was she brash at the beginning? Sure, it's her style. But once the food was served and the wine started flowing (this girl loves her wine), Ray seemed to lighten up—a lot.

In fact, she reminded me of a cool high-school chick who just happens to love to cook. Skipping dessert ("I drink, I don't do desserts," she cooed), Ray parked herself outside for a smoke and a little conversation. It seemed that underneath her TV-ready sound bites of "awesome!" and "wow!" this charming (yet, off-camera, foul-mouthed) starlet really did get it.

I think it is hard for many people to understand that Rachael Ray's rough edges are what makes her real and approachable. Real people are her target crowd, not gourmets. And now we know that Tasty Travels is filming more episodes and will be in Portland. That's fun news.

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