Tasty Travels Visits the Central California Coast

We got another tidbit about the next season of Tasty Travels. Rachael Ray's Tasty Travels will visit Buona Tavola Ristorante in downtown San Luis Obispo today and tomorrow. Apparently, the show sent someone to secretly dine at the restaurant, then the producers called about three weeks ago to schedule the visit. The restaurant's Chef did a good job of summing up what so many people admire and like about Rachael Ray:
"I am very honored because I really like her show,’’ Varia said. "She says she’s not a chef, but she helps a lot of people learn how to cook.’’

The segment will likely air in about 8 weeks. That is a surprisingly short turnaround time. If the Bachelor could create episodes that quickly, maybe they wouldn't break up so often....


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