Tony's Loss is Rachael's Gain

Rachael Ray's new talk show, which will begin airing in the fall, will be taking many time slots vacated by the cancellation of the Tony Danza show. Danza recently told viewers that this third season of the show would likely be the last. Rachael's show is taking over Danza's slot it major markets such as Boston, New York, and Philadelphia. The show is set to be on all but four of the country's top 50 markets and will be all of the top 25 markets.

Rachael's new show is being produced by Oprah Winfrey's King World and by the Food Network's Scripps Networks. Information regarding the content of the new show is pretty sparce, except that Rachael has said it will be about "taking a bigger bite out of life." Rachael will also continue doing her shows on the Food Network. Looks like my Tivo will be getting pretty full when fall rolls around!

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