What's the Deal with the Labels on Rachael Ray's Show?

The recently aired Food Network Unwrapped special on the Food Network revealed the answer to a question that always comes up about Rachael's show, and that was brought up in the comments below: What's the deal the labels on Rachael Ray's 30 Minute Meals show? They are always odd products you have never seen before with no nutritional information listed on them.

Well, there is a guy on the show whose job is to create those labels and place them over the real labels on her products. 30 Minute Meals is one of the only shows where you see the product containers (ingredients are usually prepared before hand and placed in cute little glass bowls for the chef's use). The show does not want to endorse or advertise products, so they make their own labels. The guy who makes them actually uses it as a creative outlet. He names products after people who work on the show and once made a ingredient section on a label all about how he was not selected for the Food Network softball team for the second year in a row. So, now you know!

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