When Even Rachael Ray Meals Aren't Fast Enough...

So, sometimes I don't even have 30 minutes to make a meal (especially if I have not gone to the grocery store lately). For those situations and as part of my continuing quest to avoid fast food, I take advantage of my local easy meal preparation stores. The one I visit most often is called Dinner MyWay. You select meals and make an appointment online, then go to the store, where they have done all the prep work for you. So you put on an apron, follow the instructions at stations for each meal you selected, and then take home at least 6 meals. Each meal serves six, so I split them in half since there is just the two of us (we can make it if we try). I leave with 12 meals, which I stick in the freezer. I usually defrost two at a time so that they are ready to go when I need them. It is a great way to avoid eating fast food when I don't have time to shop and cook or if I don't just feel like it.

The Easy Meal Prep Assn has a great directory of easy easy meal preparation locations.

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