Where in the World is Rachael Ray?

I love the internet. It is so fun to run a search and find little tidbits of information. Some recent ones I found provide some 411 on where Rachael Ray's Tasty Travels is visiting for upcoming shows. In addition to her trip to the Central Coast, I found that she recently visited Dallas and filmed a segment in the "chic bar" at the Belmont Hotel. Looks like a cute and fun hotel.

I also found that she is scheduled to visit Azul La Jolla in April from what appears to be a blog published by the restaurant. It states "Rachael Ray Photo Shoot - 1:30pm-3pm" during the month of April. Unforch, the site is down now, so no linking to that one, but the text still comes up in a Technorati search. Hmmmmm....


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