Every Day with Rachael Ray Among Top Picks

The Christian Science Monitor chose Rachael Ray's magazine, Every Day with Rachael Ray as one of its "Five things we think you'll really like." Seems like they could have come up with a catchier title than that, doesn't it? Well, they make up for it by calling the pick for the magazine "Ray of light." Here's what they say about the mag (and I agree with them!):
"Everyday with Rachael Ray, a monthly magazine by The Food Network's hottest host, is as effervescent in its design and tone as its eponymous star. Rachael's recipes are the publication's main entrée, but they come served with a large side order of lifestyle features, including product guides and travel stories. Our favorite: Rachael peeks inside the fridges of celebrities to see what they like to snack on."

They also get points from me for putting effervescent and eponymous in the same sentencee. I like the celebrity fridge feature too. You really can tell a whole lot about someone by what they keep in there....


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