How Not to Make a Frittata

So last night I attempted (operative word - attempted) to make the recipe pictured at left from Every Day with Rachael Ray: Bacon and Cheese Frittata, except with leftover Easter ham instead of the bacon. Instead of ending up in my tummy, this recipe ended upon the kitchen floor. Please note, when following the direction to loosen the sides with a spatula, make sure you grab the HOT skillet handle (which will have just come out of the oven) with a potholder instead of your bare hand, as I did. And if you use your bare hand and then drop the skillet on the floor, make sure you grab a potholder before trying to pick it up again, as I failed to do and therefore burned my hand a second time. And when you are really mad at yourself for stupidly burning your hand TWICE, make sure you throw that spatula down on the ground as hard as you can. That will help.

I only hope my embarrassing failure can help others.


  1. You, my friend, are hilarious. Do check out tvgasm writeups of RR.

  2. Why, thank you. I am a fairweather tvgasm fan - I always read the Big Brother coverage. I haven't seen their RR coverage so I will definitely go check it out.


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