The Manolo's Tortured Relationship with Rachael Ray

You might not have heard of Manolo the shoeblogger (a reference to the ever so expensive and highly respected Manolo Blahnik shoe brand). This is a hilarious blog written in the third person by a shoe-obsessed blogger. What I didn't know is that the Manolo also loves food and has a Manolo Food Blog. In this post from today, Manolo can't really figure out how he feels about Rachael, but reading about him trying to figure it out is freaking hilarious:

"So, as you may see, it is the love-hate-hate-love-disgusted-by-appalled-by sort of the relationship, in which the Manolo still finds that he cannot cease watching the Rachael Ray, if only to see what latest atrocities against fashion and common sense she has committed."

I think Rachael would get a kick out this description. She is a self-professed goof ball, so would probably think it's as funny as I do!


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