Rachael Ray Movie Picks

So I was watching Inside Dish this morning (yeah TiVo!) and Rachael Ray was interviewing Fred Willard at his Fourth of July party. They starting discussing his movies and Rachael mentioned three flicks that will now be added to my Netflix queue. The first was Waiting for Guffman, which I have heard a bunch about, but never got around to watching. The second was Best in Show. Rachael said she literally fell off her seat from laughing when she watched it. The last was A Mighty Wind, which I have never heard of. Rachael better not let me down on these!


  1. All three are the same acting group. Probably 1/2 or more is not scripted. Hilarious movies, though A Mighty Wind is more for our parents who grew up during the whole 'folk singing' craze, there are some inside jokes I don't get.

  2. Thanks for the tip Jeny. I will hold off on A Mighty Wind for now. I don't know much about any folk singing craze either. Imagine that.


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