Rachael Ray Predicted to Beat Martha!

Rachael Ray, a self-professed "goof ball who drops things" may beat Martha Stewart, the queen of domestic perfection, in the chase for a daytime emmy for best host of a service show. In addition to being nominated, Rachael will also be presenting at the emmys tonight.

Tom O’Neil, author of the GoldDerby blog for TheEnvelope.com offered his predictions for the service show host award:

Who’s going to win for service show host, Rachael Ray or Martha Stewart? Why?
This is the single most fascinating Emmy category to watch. Last week Rachael's show beat Martha's at the off-air Creative Arts ceremony and it was a shockeroo signaling an earthquake in the TV biz.

Martha's show had dominated that category six out of the previous seven years. Last year Martha was expected to win the host award and she was so confident about getting it that she attended the Emmycast even though she was due to be hauled off to jail just days later. She lost to two people who tied -- Bobby Flay and Michael Chiarello.

Now this year Martha faces her worst nightmare, her apparent heir, Rachael, who's hugely popular. The two lifestyle divas square off over the host award tonight. If Rachael wins, as I suspect she will, she'll be the Eve Harrington of the Emmys in a way, the ingénue usurping the fading old star. And Rachael winning both the host and program awards will probably signal an official changing of the guard in the category of TV lifestyle/cooking shows.

I, for one, am completely ready for this change of the guard. Martha Stewart stresses me out. And Rachael has never been to jail. So, there.


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  1. I predict the same and hope that Rachael beats out Martha!!!


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