Rachael Ray Prepares for the Daytime Emmys

The Insider recently interviewed Rachael Ray as she was participating in a very important part of preparation for the Daytime Emmys - selecting a dress. During the interview, Rachael discusses her nomination for best host of service show and says, "Let's remind everyone, I am a waitress who makes hamburgers, so, I mean, to be nominated for an Emmy for doing such is pretty fun." She also mentions that the number one thing she focuses on, whether with travel or cooking, is accessibility, "so, if that's the key to an emmy, being a goof and dropping stuff, I guess, well, who knew?" This is what I love about Rachael! I hear her say things like that and I say to myself, I'm a goof and I drop stuff too!

She also discusses the new show:
"The new show is going to be just as accessible as all the others," says Rachael, who, despite her new gig, will continue doing her popular cooking shows on the Food Network, including "30 Minute Meals," for which she is Emmy-nominated in the Outstanding Service Show and Outstanding Service Show Host categories.

To see what dress she picked, watch the Insider tonight and don't forget that the Emmys are on tomorrow night!


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