Seeing Seattle the Rachael Ray Way

Let me begin with full disclosure - I didn't see everything on Rachael Ray's Seattle list (from $40 a day and Tasty Travels) but I did see a few things. Not on Rachael's list is the photo at left of the original Starbucks logo. A bare breasted mermaid! How scandalous!

We were only in town for a couple days, so we tried to make the most of it. When we arrived in town, it was raining (surprise) and we decided to venture out anyways and find a good cup of coffee. So, our first stop was on Rachael's list, Cafe Ladro, which my Frommer's Guide recommended too as a local's favorite for coffee. The latte was like a work of art, with a little fern design in the milk on top and it tasted darn good. Rachael gets credit for this pick.

The next day, we headed out early and went to Pike's Place Market, where we got coffee at the first Starbucks, pictured above. We then walked to Pioneer square where we made our second stop from Rachael's list: the Elliott Bay Book Company. If you are a book lover, this is a must see. It is in the historic Pioneer neighborhood and is like a rabbit warren with several levels and creaky wooden floors. It is a book lover's paradise. Again, good pick Rachael!

We walked all over the place and went home exhausted. But we rallied and headed to Elysian Brewing Company after dinner. I tried the Avatar Jasmine IPA, one of their seasonal brews, and it was outstanding, with just a hint of jasmine. The bar itself was also cool, with a diverse group of people, excellent music and a laid back atmosphere. It seemed like a neighborhood hang out, so I felt like we got a real taste of what Seattle is like.

Back on to the Rachael Ray picks, the next day we drove around the University of Washington to check out the amazing architecture and we headed to the Agua Verde Cafe, recommended by both Rachael and my Frommer's guide. The place was packed for lunch, but we were lucky enough to get a table with a view of Lake Washington. I had the Carnitas tacos, which have "all-natural shredded pork, cabbage with onions and cilantro." As Rachael would say, they were yum-o. My husband had the Carne tacos, which have "all-natural flank steak sautéed with chiles & onions, cotija cheese." For $6.50 you get three tacos and chips. What a deal. Again, good job Rachael.

So, through this trip I learned that Rachael really does know what she is talking about with her travel picks and, as a result, I would rely on them again on future trips. Go enjoy Seattle!

[Agua Verde Photo Source]
[Cafe Ladro Photo Source]
[Elysian Beer Photo Source]
Other photos taken by me!

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