Video from Last Night's ET Segment

Check out the story and video clip about ET's segment that featured "A Day in the Life of Rachael Ray" from last night. One highlight is a glimpse into the behind the scenes of how Rachael Ray writes her cookbooks:

"The books kind of write themselves," she says. "I have to write so much for the show I fold the shows into the books."

Rachael says she just wanted to provide a fun group of recipes for her viewers.

"Between 83 episodes that's roughly 160 recipes -- that's pretty close to a book," she says. "It's a lot of cutting and pasting and writing a little extra stuff. I'm just trying to stay current with what they see on TV so they can buy them in collections."

She divides the recipes into three categories: "Meals for the Exhausted," "Meals for the Not Too Tired" and "Bring It On! (But, Be Gentle)." All three teach handy tricks and shortcuts to keep cooking time under a half-hour.


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