Wine Pairing Tool

Every Day with Rachael Ray has introduced a fantastic gizmo on their website. It is a wine pairing tool that is easy to use and informative. I have a lot to learn about cooking and even more to learn about wine, so this tool will hopefully help me along. The wine pairing tool only covers recipes in the magazine, but it does teach some lessons about figuring out what goes with what. I also like this part:

"Our wine promise: We recommend wines that deliver exceptional value, so you get the most delicious bang for your buck. All of our picks cost $20 or less and are widely available; look for them at your local wine store."

I try to buy mostly California wines (hey, they make the stuff like an hour from where I live) and I love the Super-Size Turkey Meatballs with Spinach and Cheese, so maybe next time I make it I will follow the wine pairing tool's advice and try the Twin Fin Pinot Noir 2004 (California, $10), which has gotten at least one good review. Not much of a risk when it's only 10 bucks, right?


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