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Just when you thought you had seen all the products that Rachael Ray could offer – she comes up with something new! This time it is a line of furniture by Laneventure called Gettogethers. And yes, it is all one word. I like the spin on the title of her book about entertaining: Get Togethers. But I don't really get the one word thing. Maybe that's why I am not in marketing.

Several articles have discussed the preparation table from the line. This one stated:
Popular cookbook author and television personality Rachael Ray weighed in with a retractable drop-down table for two at the end of her work center for Laneventure, in a choice of aged black, alabaster or warm honey finishes.

While this one notes:
Then there's "Gettogethers," Laneventure's collection of dining furnishings by Rachael Ray, of the Food Network's "30 Minute Meals" series. It features a preparation island with a 30-inch pullout table that allows others to join in and cook, but also to "stay connected," to use a phrase that was uttered in many showrooms.

There are tables, stools, and the huge preparation table noted in the articles. You can look at the product line here and there is a tool to find the dealer nearest you!

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