The Chubby Chipmunk

The most recent edition of Every Day with Rachael Ray included an article about a culinary tour through the Badlands and areas around Rapid City in South Dakota. It was a great article, well-written and kinda quirky. As I read it, I thought I was reading one of my other favorite magazines - Budget Travel.

It is amazing how one little mention in a popular magazine can give such great exposure to a small business. Such is the case at the Chubby Chipmunk chocolate shop in Deadwood. The author of the article said the truffles were so "obscenely good -- and so rich it makes my face ache." According to the Black Hills Pioneer, the owner of the store was skeptical at first:

Tautkus said she nearly didn't trust the writer when he first stopped in, as it seemed pretty incredible that someone from Rachael Ray's crew would take an interest in her shop.

But she's sure glad he did. As Gianopoulos wrapped up his story by describing his enjoyment of another box of truffles he took with him when he left Chubby Chipmunk. It sounds like Tautkus has made a new friend.

Tautkus has already had a call from Atlanta from a woman who wanted chocolate for her wedding. That sort of national attention seems more likely now that Food Network and Rachael Ray fans know more about the quality of her operation.

Makes you want to go eat a truffle, doesn't it?



  1. Hello!

    I'm looking for a turkey burger recipe that was aired on Feb. 12. The first lady was on Rachael's show. Could someone please respond? it's for my mom.


  2. Hi Anony,

    You can find the recipes in the show's recipe archive or you can find it on the page for the Feb 12 show. Good luck!


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