New Rachael Ray Show Website!!

I had trouble limiting the exclamation marks in the title to only two. I can't tell you how excited I was to see the website for Rachael Ray's new show (creatively titled the Rachael Ray Show). The site is fun and interactive. You can look at Rachael Ray pictures, read her bio, share a video, sign up to be in the audience (darnnit, why do I have to live in CA?), and offer your pitch to be on her show.

One of the most interesting things for me on the site was a real description of the content of the show and a confirmation that it will launch on September 18:
TV's most down-to-earth and relatable star launches her brand new, one-hour daily syndicated series, "Rachael Ray" on September 18. The show will be an exciting and unpredictable hour of fun that celebrates the "can-do" spirit in every person and gives viewers the right ingredients for fearless living. Host Rachael Ray will present simple solutions for everyday issues -- from food to fears to family and relationships -- and offer new, entertaining ways to squeeze just a little more out of life each day. Showcasing Rachael's signature warmth, energy and her boundless curiosity for all aspects of life, the series will engage viewers and in-studio audiences with a personal, hands-on, celebratory approach to life the Rachael Ray way. So come on ... discover something new, learn something fun, and realize that life just doesn't have to be that hard. Experience TV in a brand new way, this fall, with Rachael Ray.

Have I mentioned I'm excited? Because I am. For reals.


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  1. Thanks for the heads up on the site. I sent in two stories in a desperate attempt to at least be in the audience. Fingers crossed. ;)


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