Q&A with Rachael Ray

I'm not really into the title of this article, "Ray perks up when dishing on food show," but it is a great article nonetheless. According to the author the "queen of perky 30-minute cooking got honest about everything from immaculate conception to how to bum out Martha Stewart." Here's one highlight from the Q&A session:

Q. Help me cut through the perkiness, because that is your signature.

A. My perkiness comes from Starbucks and it’s sold in three sizes. And I refuse to learn their funny little language. I just order small, medium or large. But I do get my perkiness out of their cups.

Q. Your shows are basically shot in one take. Ever make a mistake that made you drop an f-bomb?

A. I cook like a sailor when I’m at home. It’s so funny. But I’ve never slipped and cussed on air. I have gotten in trouble, though, in the most obscure ways. One time I was using portobellos and I said, “You know, I just pop the tops off and leave the stems because they’re too woody, I can’t even make a good stalk out of them. They’re so tough, you know.” So I said, “Just pop the tops off because the stems are a bit of a gyp.” I got this hate mail from a Gypsy who said I was being derogatory to Gypsies. I didn’t even know that was the origin of the expression. Really! But whatever. I get in trouble for the most bizarre stuff sometimes, not meaning to. Sometimes I’ll throw salt over my shoulder, you know if I spill some, for good luck. And people write in saying, “Who’s cleaning up all that salt on the floor?” I’m like, “Dude! Why do you care? My dog is licking it up, OK?”


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