Rachael Ray Tidbits

Rachael Ray has been mentioned a bunch in the news lately. Here are some tidbits:

  • From an article in the New Yorker, Jimmy Wales, who started Wikipedia attended the Time 100 party (Rachael was among the 100) said: "'I’m desperate to meet Rachael Ray,' Wales said. 'During cocktails, J. Lo bumped up against me, and I was, like, 'Eh.'"He shrugged.
  • In an article about acquisition of a new magazine, Taste of Home, by Reader's Digest, which "sees its new acquisition as a portal to the company's Every Day with Rachael Ray magazine. "
  • Rachael Ray's alleged overuse of the word "awesome" was compared to overuse of the word "astonishing" by Dan Brown, the author of the Da Vinci Code in this hit piece on the book. (Despite what the author of the article says, I loved the Da Vinci code, like everyone else I know did!)
  • As was predicted, Rachael Ray's talk show is kicking Tony Danza's off the air in many markets. Today, it's Fresno. After mentioning Rachael's new show and others "waiting in the wings" to debut in the fall, Mediaweek also notes that "Four out of five new shows in this category never make it to a second season." Quite uplifting, huh?

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