Rachael Ray's Inspiration - Her Mom

In honor of Mother's Day (don't forget - it's this Sunday!), I thought it would be appropriate to post this article about how Rachael Ray was inspired by her Mother, Elsa Scuderi. If you watch any of her shows (30 Minute Meals in particular) you will hear many stories about Rachael's Mom, Grandfather, Father, and siblings. This article provides a few more details about some of those stories and goes a long way in explaining Rachael's drive, determination, and love of food and cooking. Here is a little Mother's Day Rachael Ray inspiration for you:

So it came as no surprise to Scuderi when, at age 11, Rachael presented her with a Mother's Day dinner fit for an Italian queen: a plate of spinach lasagna pinwheels in a Gorgonzola sauce with blanched asparagus.

"It was a feast for the eyes," remembers Scuderi. "She arranged the asparagus around the plate to look like the sun shining."

To see more pictures of Rachael's wedding, click here.


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