Reach of a Rachael

Awhile ago, I wrote about a book by Michael Ruhlman, Reach of a Chef. Mr. Ruhlman posted in the comments of that entry to clarify just exactly what he wrote about Rachael Ray in his new book. Turns out he went behind the scenes of 30-Minute Meals during a taping of that show. Time Out New York interviewed him and gave him some heat about being so nice to Rachael Ray in his book:

In the book, you go easy on the pretty faces of the biz, like Rocco DiSpirito and Rachael Ray. Why did you hold back?
Well, it is hard to be too critical of Rocco, because he is sort of the ultimate catastrophe in the celebrity-chef world.

Do you think he’ll ever rebound?He won’t unless he gets back to what he does best, which is cook, by himself, in a kitchen. Rachael Ray got to where she is because she is very good. She’s a pro. I admire her. I don’t like her show, but I really admire the craft with which she has done it. She’s touched a lot of people.

At least he wasn't afraid to say how he really feels about Rachael Ray. So many food elites (isn't that a nicer way to say food snob?) are not so kind.



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