Review of Every Day with Rachael Ray

The LA Daily News Food Editor, Natalie Haughton, wrote this article about Every Day with Rachael Ray, Rachael's magazine. The article discusses the "trend of personality-driven food glossies" and focuses on Rachael Ray and Paula Deen's new magazines. (BTW, Paula's costs 30 bucks and Rachael's only costs 18 bucks for the same number of issues).

The author had this to say about Every Day with Rachael Ray:

What makes Every Day With Rachael Ray, launched in November/December 2005, so popular, says editor Silvana Nardone, is Ray's can-do approach to living and her fun-loving, everything-in-moderation attitude.

"Rachael is personable, conversational, honest, loves to cook, eat well and enjoy life. We want to give you the tools that will help you do things faster, cheaper and easier so you can actually enjoy great food and have fun along the way. Cooking doesn't have to be stressful, pressure-filled and unapproachable.

"We're encouraging people to find their own style and take some chances," adds Nardone, noting that Ray develops many of the 50 to 60 recipes in each issue.

I couldn't agree more. Faster, cheaper and easier cooking sounds good to me! I am really glad that so much of what I like about Rachael Ray comes across in the magazine.


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