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According to this article in the Baltimore Sun, Rachael Ray was a hit at Gertrude's at the Baltimore Museum of Art when she visted recently to film a segment for Tasty Travels. Check out the menu for Lunch and Dinner - you can build your own entree! My kind of place (perfect for picky eaters). The same episide will also include a stop at Baltimore's Faidley's Seafood at Lexington Market. The owner of Gertrude's said the experience was a great one:
"A lot of times, you don't expect these [TV stars] to eat, but Rachael ate!" he said. Two crab cakes, in fact. And that was off camera. On camera, Shields says Ray tasted a soft-shell crab served with crab imperial on a portobello mushroom with corn pudding, some barbecued shrimp and Chincoteague single fried oysters.

Shields says Ray came into the restaurant in the middle of Sunday brunch, and no one took much notice -- until she took her sunglasses off. "Someone spotted her, and all hell broke loose," he says.

"Her people were trying to fend some people off, but she was very, very nice to everybody. Her handlers were having a nervous breakdown."

Shields says the hubbub continued for three hours after Ray and her crew left, with word somehow getting out to the surrounding neighborhood.

"People were coming from everywhere, asking where she was."


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