Testing Rachael Ray

There seems to be a bunch of skepticism out there about whether Rachael Ray's recipes really are 30 minute meals. Most of the skepticism appears to come from people that don't like her personality, but this article in the Contra Costa Times is a fun and unbiased account of a test of one of Rachael's recipes in her newest book: Express Lane Meals. The author put a little spin on the test by having her 11 year old daughter (also named Rachel) do the cooking. The junior Rachel made Pasta with Bacon, Tomatoes and Cheese and it took exactly 30 minutes. The kids loved the pasta, but the author, a self-professed food snob, found it "uninspiring." This little blurb captures the grudging admiration of food critics towards Rachael Ray:

Long before "slow food" became a catch phrase, I was an advocate of leisurely cooking. I adore Sunday dinner, bread that rises three times and epic lasagnas. But I'm also a realist. Some days, 30 minutes is all you've got. On those days, Rachael Ray really is your buddy.

Rachael Ray really is my buddy everyday! I love to cook, but not for hours on end - there is so much other fun stuff to do, too.


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