Two of My Favorite Things!

I was so excited this weekend when I plopped down on the couch to read one of my favorite magazines (Us Weekly) and found that another of my favorites (Rachael Ray) was featured in a picture with her husband from the Daytime Emmy Awards! That dress she had made (which was featured on ET) looks very good! Well worth the effort and still fits her style. Good job, Rach!

There was also a little article with an interview with Rachael. She talks a little bit about the married life:

Rachael Ray's Romance Recipe

With four shows on the Food Network and a new daytime program this fall, how to culinary phenom Rachael Ray and her hubby of just seven months, lawyer John Cusimano, 38, keep the honeymoon spirit alive? With romantic dinners, of course! "Even when I have a night off, wherever I am, I just want to be home since I'm home so little," Ray, 37, who splits her time between their house in New York's Adirondacks and their apartment in NYC, tells Us. The only downside? "We eat very late," she admits. "John waits until midnight for his dinner. . . . But he knew I was a workaholic from the get-go and has been very supportive." So will her next production be a new addition to their family? "We have two pit bulls, that's good enough for now," she jokes. "We like the four-legged furry children!"

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