Who is Blogging About Rachael Ray This Week?

Several bloggers have been nice enough to link to Everything Rachael Ray lately, which inspired me to do my part in helping others explore the Blogosphere. So, I thought it would be nice to "pay it forward" by telling Everything Rachael Ray readers about who else is blogging about Rachael Ray recipes this week. If you blogged about a Rachael Ray recipe this week, please feel free to leave a comment on this post so we can check it out. I am sure there are many more out there!


  1. I Googled my journal (the ultimate in vanity, I know)and was pleased to see that my efforts in cooking betterment haven't gone unnoticed...lol Rachael Ray rocks... I love watching her show and I love all she's taught me in the kitchen.

  2. So I made the Mostly Green Curry from 365 and would say 'Not a Keeper'. It was a curry dish w/o curry powder plus her rice calculations were low on liquid so it didn't fully cook and she didn't mention sweet vs. unsweet coconut milk so at the store I was perplexed (I bought unsweet). I usually love her stuff--*sigh*

  3. Jeny - that is such a bummer. I hate being in the store and not knowing which thing to buy. So frustrating. I wouldn't have known which one to get either. But I guess the recipes have to fail every once in awhile...

    Kitchen Picasso - thanks for stopping by and keep making RR recipes! She does rock (except when she doesn't tell Jeny what type of coconut milk to buy).


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