Are You Serious?

I really hate making the same recipe twice. I mean I really really hate it. There are so many recipes I want to try, so it is only under the direst of circumstances that I cave to repeating a recipe. One such occasion arose this weekend.

My brother-in-law provoked me into making Rachael Ray's Bacon Bit Burgers with Smoked Gouda and Steak-House Smothered Onions, which I made only a scant three weeks ago. What could he say to provoke me so, you ask? Well, he said that Rachael's burgers could not possibly be as good as the ones at Islands. A cookie cutter chain versus Rachael Ray's home-cooked wonders? Not even a contest!

So, I pulled out the big guns. You might recall that this is the burger that my husband looked at and professed his love to. I got so worked up that I forgot to take a picture, so the one used here is from Every Day with Rachael Ray, where the recipe is featured as a Burger of the Month.

Once again, they were a hit. The refrain of "man, this is a good burger" was repeated throughout the meal. And, you should know, I won the fight! My brother-in-law admitted that Rachael's burgers were better. I am sure the fact that he was eating my food and drinking my beer had nothing to do with his conclusion. Although, we all did agree that we missed the big basket of fries and someone to clean up the mess afterwards....


  1. Do you think this would be as tasty w/o the onions? I don't much like onions.

  2. I think it definitely would be great w/o the onions. I don't love steak sauce (too close to ketchup) so I don't put too many of the onions on there. It's really the burger with the bacon in it that's the star. Although, the onions in the burger do help to keep it moist.

  3. Those look fantastic!! I will definitely try those! THanks!!!!

  4. You are welcome Carrie! Let me know how they turn out for you.


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