Did You Know that Rachael Ray is a Distinguished Speaker?

According to DC Foodies, Rachael Ray and Bobby Flay (who? just kidding) will appear at the Nation's Capital Distinguished Speakers Series on June 19th at 8:00 p.m. at the ever-so-fancy John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts (I saw the Footloose musical there, loved it!). The event is hosted by the American Society of Association Executives and the Center for Association Leadership. Here is the description provided by the host of the event (without the silly Bobby Flay stuff):
Celebrity chefs Bobby Flay and Rachael Ray are nationally known for their multiple television shows on the Food Network. . . . Rachael Ray gained notoriety while working for a large gourmet market in Albany, New York as a food buyer. To boost sales, she offered a series of "30 Minute" cooking classes and the rest is history. "$40 a Day," "Inside Dish with Rachael Ray" and her Emmy nominated "30 Minute Meals" program and companion cookbook series are adored by millions. Join us for a special evening with two great chefs as they explore the role of the creative process in their work and delve into how food and wine have brought people together for centuries, connecting diverse cultures and enhancing the richness of life.

DC Foodies provides some freaking hilarious potential questions for Rachael Ray:
What does it feel like to own the Food Network?

On how many episodes of $40 a day have you been stranded because you ran out of money?

Do you ever want to punch Sandra Lee? If so please describe your perfect table-scape.

Make sure you go read the Bobby Flay ones too, they are just as funny! For more information about the appearance and to buy tickets, go here.



  1. uh-oh! Is it bad that I like Sandra Lee and Paula Deen AND Rachael? Can I not love them all?!?!?

  2. You can still like them, but you have to show favoritism to Rachael Ray.

    Just kidding!


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