The Hype Begins

Maybe the hype about Rachael Ray's new talk show began a long time ago, but it appears that people are really starting to take notice. Take this breathless article in the Springfield State Journal Register. Apparently, the show is going around our great country and finding the "best and most unique" places to feature on the show. Springfield's contribution will include "Lincoln impersonator Fritz Klein visiting the Cozy Dog drive-in on Sixth Street and Bill Shea's Route 66 gas station and museum on Peoria Road." The cute thing is how the newspaper is so excited about the mere opportunity of Springfield, Illinois, being featured on Rachael Ray's new show. A source inside the show said:
"Whether or not we'll use it is up in the air. They might just be grabbing some B-roll," she said, referring to cutaway shots used to enhance a story. "At this point, we're in the rudimentary stages of compiling and creating content for upcoming shows. We're really in the experimental phase."

Any ideas on how I can talk them into visiting Sacramento?


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