I Spoke Too Soon

Darn it. I was happy for a few weeks that I would not have to choose between Anthony Bourdain and Rachael Ray. He often makes sarcastic comments about her, but I usually laugh and think he doesn't really mean it. Or, I refuse to believe that he really means it because then I might have to choose sides.

Clearly, I love Rachael Ray - she taught me how to cook. But I also love Bourdain's dark sense of humor and "take no prisoners" attitude. No Reservations has earned a Season Pass on TiVo, a much honored designation in my home (until I get a TiVo with a larger memory capacity).

So, imagine my dismay when I saw a recent interview with the San Jose Mercury News, where Bourdain offered the following response when asked about Rachael Ray:
A bad tipper. Come on -- ``$40 a Day''? I find her relentless good cheer terrifying and distrust anyone who could stand in front of a camera and eat mediocre food and say it's good. Be honest and say it sucks.

And this, from Salon.com (full article includes profanity):
Bobble-heads! Care to name names?
Rachael Ray. She's paid more and is more popular [than Emeril], and I see a day when the executives say, we don't need Emeril anymore, even though he built their network. They'll replace him with some industry-created freakozoid who's been grown from a seedling into a recognized brand. When you look at Sandra Lee or Rachael Ray or some of the new shows like "Calorie Commando" that are just vomit-inducing -- at least Emeril worked his way up and has a real restaurant empire.


Will we see you in a year saying, "Oh, I had drinks with Rachael Ray, and actually, she's all right"?

Yeah, right. "After the hot-tub incident, I've changed my mind." You know, listen, like I said, I could be wrong. Unlikely. But maybe she's nice to puppies.

Sure, sure -- you haven't seen her kicking any old people lately.

Actually, that would be cool. If I ever saw her getting trashed on Old Crow, pistol-whipping a vegan after a bar crawl, I would think, "That's an interesting woman. I would like to know her."

Now, I understand that the guys makes his living by being as confrontational as humanely possible. Heck, that's why I like him! I was okay until the part where he says that the food sucks. Given, Rachael Ray's recipes are not the stuff that Les Halles would serve (just reading that sentence would probably put Bourdain into a catatonic state). But do you know anyone who eats that way at home all the time? Me either. And Rachael Ray doesn't run a restaurant - she is trying to help you and me put a quasi-healthy meal on the table for the fam in 30 minutes. Sigh. I guess I will just have to pretend I never read it....



  1. She' a really bad tipper! Waitresses say it! Add up her $40 a day checks and you'll see she's tipping about 10 percent! That's a sin. She owes the waiters of the world a big appology on Oprah.

  2. Oh, Anony. She has dispelled that rumor so many times! I hate to be the one to tell you this, but not everything you hear or see on TV is true.

    And why would the apology occur on Oprah? You know she has her own talk show, right? I mean, you spend time trolling the web looking for a place to criticize her, so you really should know your stuff.

    And why do anony's find it fun to post a comment on posts that are a year and a helf old?

  3. When i saw the show, she was tipping 15%, which is really low now-a-days. This show should be more responsible and tip 20%. Who tips $1.20 on an $8 meal? Cheap. I think they could afford another $0.80 and make it an even $2. I understand a 15% tip on a $200 meal ($30), but you are basically doing the same amount of work, weather they bring you a $50 steak or a $5 bowl of soup. In the end, use some common sense people...


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