Pittsburgh Fans Finally Meet Rachael

After a delay due to illness, Rachael Ray appeared yesterday at the Monroeville, PA, Borders. The signing of Express Lane Meals was a major success, with over 300 tickets being given to the public. The media "tried to crash the rope line, but no dice. She was here for the fans. And does she have fans!" Rachael's fans were excited to talk about her at the book signing. Here are some excerpts of what they had to say:
"This woman is a hero to my whole family," said Charlie Datz, of Greensburg. "She has inspired my wife, Noreen, and my daughter Kimberly to try new things. Because of her, they look at cooking from a whole new perspective. But this 30-minute deal? I can't do it. I'm lucky if something turns out."

Ann Bliss, of Edgewood, said "I used to teach home [economics]. I tried to teach my daughter, but she'd never cook. Now that she watches Rachael Ray, she loves cooking. She made a Mother's Day dinner for eight."

"Of all the TV chefs, she's the most fun to watch," said Jim Hackwelder, of Penn Hills. "I make 85 percent of the meals for my wife and me. I'm a faithful fan of her shows."

Dorothy Frantangelo, of Monroeville, is a typical fan. "I just like to watch her. She's fast, quick and easy. And she cooks in real time," she said.

"I've been watching her shows since I got married five years ago," said Tamia Sanders, of Homestead, who was wearing a T-shirt with Rachael Ray's signature line, "Got EVOO?" "She's a down-to-earth cook and her recipes are sensible for a working woman."

"She is peppy, and I watch her show after school," said Kelly Armstrong, 15, of Murrysville. "I'm learning to cook. This summer, I'll make supper for my family twice a week because my parents work."

Make sure you check out the whole article, there are some cute pictures of Rachael at the book signing.


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