Rachael Ray Follows Her Own Advice

Rachael Ray and Bobby Flay dined at Zaytinya on Monday night, which is the DC restaurant where Rachael filmed Tasty Travels less than six weeks ago. Remember how Rachael and Bobby were going to speak at the Kennedy Center as part of a Distinguished Speaker series? Well, the Washington Post reveals in this blurb (waaay at the bottom) that Rachael "had to hold the podium on her own when Flay's flight got storm-delayed."

The show was sold out, even though the tickets cost $60 - $100. It was tough to find any reviews of the evening's events, but I did find one message board post by someone who attended. He said:
I ended up going to the event last night with some free tickets given to me at the last minute. Due to the storm, Bobby was a no show, but Rachel was as perkey as ever. I actually enjoyed her talk and she was interviewed by Marc Silverstein who hosts the "Best of" show on Food Network. Rachel is the next Martha Stewart, or appears to be aiming for that spot. She is a bit down to earth, admits she is not a chef, but a everyday cook. The evening was fairly enjoyable and she took a lot of questions from the audience. Not worth 100 bucks a ticket, but most of the people there were getting tickets from corporate and association sponsors.

Pretty brave of the guy to post, since the rest of thread is almost entirely comprised of people who are not RR fans, to put it nicely. It cracks me up that people are so surprised that they like Rachael Ray. Catch up, people!

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