Rachael Ray Hearts Chicago

So I was hunting around the internet for Rachael Ray Gossip and ran across a local Chicago TV station that has archived some segments about Rachael Ray. The first piece I found was for all of us who didn't get to go to a Rachael Ray book signing for Express Lane Meals. Darnit, Rachael did not come any further West than Chicago, but she attended a book signing there on May 20. The interviewer asks Rachael what she likes about Chicago and she includes many items on her list, including Oprah. It gives you at least a little bit of an idea what a Rachael Ray book signing is like, including the amazingly long line.

The second one, found here, is a little bit older (February), but worth including because it is really cute how the interviewer seems star struck by Rachael. It is an informal interview done by a local reporter in a coffee shop called Uncommon Grounds. He and Rachael appear to just sit back and chat about this and that (sorry for the rhyme, I couldn't help it). She's cracking jokes left and right in the clip. Check it out just to see how comfortable Rachael looks and how uncomfortable he looks!


  1. I finally saw a preview for her show during the Today show this a.m. Yay!

  2. I am so jealous! I am never up that early. Maybe I should TiVo it just to see the commercial?


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