Rachael Ray Responds to Critics

Rachael Ray certainly has her share of critics. I tend to ignore the criticism because all the reasons she is criticized are the reasons I like her (she makes recipes for real people, is budget conscious, is not a chef, and is perky). But, the more high profile she gets, the more critics will come out of the woodwork. In light of all this, I was happy to see this NY1 story about Rachael, which is part of the One on 1 series. Here is how she responds to questions about her critics:
Much has been made about how other chefs who studied at institutes might look down on Ray's food and persona.

But Ray isn't buying.

"People come in different flavors, like ice cream," she says. "Not everybody goes for strawberry. And I know plenty of chefs that have been decent and kind and sweet to me. Mario lives a couple of blocks from me, and we're good friends. He comes over and eats my food, and doesn't have any complaints."

She's talking about her friend Mario Batali, the famous New York City chef and restaurateur.

Ray says that chefs can make great masterpieces but not every chef is a good cook. And she's taken her share of hits on the Internet. But then again, who hasn't?

"What am I going to do, haul off on them?" she says laughing. "It's just stupid, there's nothing to fight about. So, no, it doesn't bother me in the least."

Sounds like the right attitude to me. Really, what can she do other than what has made her popular in the first place - be herself! There's a ton of other interesting stuff in the article and a 7-minute video you can view of the news piece, so go check it out here.


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