Rachael Ray's Dream Guest List

Rachael Ray sure does make a ton of appearances on ET. I am guessing that the fact that her new talk show will be on the same network has something to do with it. Man, I am really sharp sometimes.

But, anyways, they recently did another piece on the show that did not include much new information, but did include a fun never before seen list of Rachael's dream guests. She caveats the list by stating that the show is not going to be celebrity driven, but offers the following names:

"JON STEWART is one my all-time favorites," says Rachael. "And we both have pit bulls. Maybe he can bring over his pit bull and we can cook for our dogs."

Other stars she wouldn't mind mixing it up with include VINCE VAUGHN, WILL FERRELL, BARBARA WALTERS, director RON HOWARD, singer TOM JONES ("I've had a crush on him since I was literally three") and Oscar winner MORGAN FREEMAN, who Rachael calls "the sexiest man I've ever actually met who's a celebrity. Love him. That is some deep waters there, let me tell you. He's yummy!"

And what about her new boss, OPRAH WINFREY, whose Harpo Productions is producing the show in association with KingWorld?

"If Oprah wants to come on, Oprah can come on. I ain't telling Oprah what she's doing," says Rachael. "I love her and she makes a heck of a martini. She is the coolest, most down to earth person and charming. Everyone knows she's a great humanitarian, but she's just a fun human. I'd be thrilled if she came over."

I can't wait for the show to start in September! Do you think Oprah will be her first guest?



  1. I would like to get 4 tickets to

    Rachel new show. please inform

    my email is jcjfranz@aol

  2. Hi Carol - you can't get tickets from my blog. Trust me, I wish you could, but this blog is not connected in any way to Rachael.

    Go to www.rachaelrayshow.com and click on the picture that says You're Invited to the Show, Be in the Audience. There is a form there for you to fill out. If you have a pop-up blocker installed, make sure you hit the control key when clicking on the You're Invited picture so that the form can pop up.

    Good luck and let me know if you get tickets!


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