Rachael Ray's Fitness Tips on the Insider

The Insider aired a segment last night featuring Rachael Ray's fitness tips. Yes, I said fitness tips. I don't get it either, but play along. You can read the entire article and view video of the segment here.

Although I am not sure if it counts as a fitness tip, Rachael admits that the key to maintaining her busy schedule: "Caffeine is the key," Rachael tells our LARA SPENCER with a laugh. "It keeps the Energizer bunny going." Rachael offers the following 3 tips:

  1. Rachael explains that she does "sit ups and push ups and stuff." However, she admits that despite working out, she also wears dark clothes to look thinner and admits that she will never be a size zero and will never even try.
  2. "Eat a light breakfast. Prosciutto and melon, a little champagne and a pot of coffee ... an Italian breakfast!" explains Rachael. "Those are the basic food groups in my family for breakfast."
  3. "Liberal use of extra virgin olive oil. " Gotta agree with this one! It counts as good fat.

Because no opportunity to promote her show should be wasted, Rachael also expressed her excitement about about her new talk show. "I want the show to be a forum for people," says Rachael, adding with a laugh, "but there's not going to be any crying on our show."

I was also proud of Rachael, who kept all us in mind:

"Well, here's to making all of your viewers and fans happy," toasts Lara.

"And bringing them what they want," a smiling Rachael concurs.


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