Review of Rachael Ray Distinguished Speaker Series Appearance

Last week I mentioned that I had some trouble finding a review of Rachael Ray's solo performance at the Kennedy Center in D.C. as part of a Distinguished Speaker series (Bobby Flay was supposed to appear too, but his plane got delayed). Of course, after I posted that, I ran across a great review of Rachael's presentation by Karen over at DCFUD:

When asked what she thought was the secret of her success with 30 Minute Meals, she started talking about how she doesn't have everything all chopped up perfectly in little bowls beforehand, nor does she have any assistance on-camera. She makes the whole meal in the time allowed, by herself, and because she's not flawless or elegant or tidy or complicated, no one looks at her show and thinks, " know, I think I'll just make spaghetti tonight." They think (and this is a direct quote), "Wow, that's a MESS! I can do THAT!"

Head over to DCFUD to find out why Rachael Ray is "the Harry Potter of the culinary world" and how the men in the audience reacted to Rachael.

The same post also included a review of Rachael's Creamy "Grits" with Creole Shrimp, which Karen was inspired to make after she saw Rachael Ray. Her funny conclusion about the recipe: "Yummo. Oh, great, now I'm saying it."


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