What's On Rachael Ray's iPod?

I have confessed before that I am a huge US Weekly fan. So, once again, I got really excited when two of my favorites came together in one place - Rachael Ray was featured on the pages of US Weekly, in the June 12, 2006 edition. Maybe "featured" is an exaggeration. They had a little blurb about what celebrities have on their iPods and Rachael was one of the celebrities.

Here is her quote:
"I have a lot of Kiss and Foo Fighters. Tom Jones too - he was my first crush. My husband is in a band called The Cringe, so I have them. Also the U2 package of 500 songs!"

Didn't she do a good job plugging her husband's band? On the Cleveland edition of Tasty Travels she about died when she was in the U2 Exhibition at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, so I guess she wasn't faking it - 500 songs!


  1. I'm a big celebrity-gossip junkie too and just read that piece. It was interesting to see what they're all listening to. Never would have put together Rachael and Tom Jones!


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