Who is Blogging About Rachael Ray This Week?

It's Friday again already! How did that happen? Here's this week's roundup of Rachael Ray related blog posts. Please let me know if you made any RR recipes and how yours turned out by posting in the comments! Or let me know if I missed a good one (the blogsphere is a big place, you know).

  • Cate at Sweetnicks made Pasta with Bacon, Cheese, and Tomatoes from Express Lane Meals in record time - only 20 minutes! She also said it was "tasty and simple."
  • Kara at Pink Alpaca made Baby Back Ribs with Jammy Glaze from Every Day with Rachael Ray. She said: "They were easy to make and turned out really good."
  • It looks like toddzgrrl02 has not had much luck with RR recipes, but tried the Honey Nut Chicken and enjoyed it.
  • Sirius Dave made Peking Pork (I found the recipe too intimidating, so I am impressed): "The recipe came from Rachael Ray's magazine and the meal actually turned out quite well despite the burner catching on fire and filling the house with smoke." I am not even sure I would do that well.
  • Dave Goodman makes a clever observation about $40 Day. I never noticed, but she really does always like what she eats. Although, would I watch the show if she went to crappy restaurants? Probably not.
  • The Complete Geek prepared Strawberry Granitas from Every Day with Rachael Ray's June/July edition.
  • On the slushy theme, the Maestro prepared Mojito Slushes from Get Togethers and concludes that they were "well-received."
  • I completely agree with Liquidator Graphics that Anthony Bourdain is freaking hilarious and so is his hatred of Rachael Ray. I TiVo No Reservations (Travel Channel) and I loved Kitchen Confidential. He hates Emeril too, so its not just Rachael.

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