Who is Blogging About Rachael Ray This Week?

Another week has gone by. Time certainly has flown. In honor of Friday, I present to you the week in Rachael Ray blogging. If you have tried a Rachael Ray dish and would like to share your own success or defeat, please leave a comment so we can congratulate you or share your pain. Have a great weekend!
  • Diane made Mamacello Pasta from Every Day with Rachael Ray. The recipe is an homage to Rachael's mom, who loves limoncello liqueur. A bit of improvising was necessary, but the recipe turned out to be a great success.
  • Catherine of What is she thinking? remembered what Rachael Ray taught her on $40 a day - if there is a line outside the restaurant it is probably good. The punchline is that the restaurant was featured on $40 a day. Luckily, the food was great.
  • Ooopps. Wollett Uncut, an intern at Every Day with Rachael Ray, had a run-in with the law while reading the magazine.
  • Cybele at Candyblog saw a taping of Ham on the Street (a newish Food Network show) and everyone kept asking where Rachael Ray was!
  • Erika at Tummy Treasure has to admit that Rachael Ray knows what she is talking about. She tried the Spinach-Artichoke Cheesy Tortellini from Express Lane Meals and said it was "very good."
  • Cate O'Malley of Food Bound reviewed Express Lane Meals and tried the Pasta with Bacon, Tomatoes and Cheese with good results.
  • Treah tried Grilled Chicken with Fireworks Sauce from Every Day with Rachael Ray, but was not impressed.
  • Melissa at Reflections also made the Spinach-Artichoke Cheesy Tortellini and loved it. She has a great picture of the finished product, too.


  1. I made the "Oh Baby Mashed Plantain/rice/flank steak" recipe (#81) from 365. It was tasty but I think I should've asked for advice on how to pick plantains. I think mine were nowhere near being ripe making it hard to soften them and mash 'em!

  2. Thanks, Cate!

    Jeny - you always try the ones I want to try! Maybe I will try that one this week and do some research on how to find ripe ones.


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