Rachael Ray Roundup

Can you believe it's Friday already? Well, here we are. Here's the best of what I could find in the blogosphere about Rachael Ray and her recipes. The closer we get to her new talk show, which premieres September 18th, the more blogging seems to be done about her. Let me know if you tried any Rachael Ray recipes this week!

  • Jenni at the recipe circle tried spaghetti alla ceci from Express Lane Meals and, with some tweaking, she said it was yummy.
  • Cate at Sweetnicks called Rachael out about her endorsement of bagged lettuce. She also tried several Rachael Ray recipes with great results: Miss Leslie's Ham Salad on Biscuits and a Blue Cheese and Walnut Salad with Maple Dressing. For a get together, she also made Sundried Tomato and Feta Dip, which was a major success.
  • Doug at The Only Opinion that Counts has a crush.
  • BeFrank, a broadcast news photographer, worked at an interview of Rachael Ray and "thought it was nice that she signed autographs for everyone who was at the luncheon."
  • In the Kitchen was inspired by Rachael Ray's White Chili recipe and changed the ingredients to meet his family's diet and allergy requirements.
  • Jim Snowden at Jim Snowden's Second Omnibus includes a question to Rachael Ray on his list of the lamest questions that entertainment reporters ask
  • Hello Diva Gourmet! It's nice to meet you! Anyone who aspires to be the next Rachael Ray is a keeper in my book. Can I borrow your tiara sometime?
  • Jenn at gourmet.mango just found out about Every Day with Rachael Ray and she is impressed.
  • Merri at Merri Musings gives a Rachael Ray update and promises a Rachael Ray photo gallery soon. Merri, can I steal pictures from you?


  1. Thanks for the shout out!!

    Diva Gourmet :)

  2. Ack! I got a call from the Rachael Ray Show re: my idea and I gave them your blog and I gave the wrong address! Hopefully they found you and maybe you'll get on the show!!!

  3. Diva Gourment - you are ever so welcome.

    Jeny - OMG. I would love the opportunity to tell RR how much I appreciate all that she has taught me! Keep me updated on whether you make it on or not.

  4. thanks so much for the mention :)
    - Julia & Jenn

  5. Julia & Jenn - you are welcome!


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