Rachael Ray Roundup

Yippeee! It's Friday!! What does that mean, other than an excuse for cocktails (as if I need one)? It means it's time for the Rachael Ray Roundup. A completely arbitrary list of blog posts about Rachael Ray. The only requirement is that the blogger spells her name right at least once (and even that rule is flexible). Here you go:

  • Cate at Sweetnicks made a salad featured in Every Day with Rachael Ray, the 1905 Salad from the Columbia restaurant in Tampa, Florida, which Cate relies on as one of her tried and true recipes.
  • Andrea Winchester at Rookie Cookery tried Rachael Ray's Tuna Bagnat and the sandwich was "terrific." The picture certainly looks appetizing!
  • This one is not for the kids. That's all I'll say. Well, that and it's pretty funny.
  • Now that Carrie is all moved in (congrats, Carrie, I know that can be a major pain), she got the chance to make some Rachael Ray recipes, all with outstanding results: Garlic Roast Chicken with Rosemary and Lemon (a go-to meal for me, especially when company is coming over), Chili Roasted Potatoes, "Eat your Vegetables!" Green Bean Salad, and one of my absolute favorites, French Dip Sandwiches. Carrie has some great pictures of all the dishes too, so go check them out!
  • Danielle at Dance by the Light uses the word "fabulous" to describe Rachael's Honey Lime Marinade, featured in the latest edition of Every Day with Rachael Ray.
  • Rachael's recipe for Roasted Tomato and Chickpea Curry inspired this post on the Foo Logs.
  • I am just not that into sweet stuff, so I have never made Rachael's Pain Perdu. Alysha at the Savory Notebook loved the french toast part of the recipe, but would have just used regular maple syrup instead of the berry compote.
  • Steph at It's Soooooo Good made Pork Tenderloin with Spicy Strawberry Sauce from Every Day with Rachael Ray. "The end result was aesthetically pleasing, smelled amazing . . . and tasted divine."
  • I am jealous of Erika at Tummy Treasure. She made Potato, Spinach, and Tomato soup and the accompanying Panini with Prosciutto, Roasted Pepper and Mozzarella. It's way too hot here to eat soup! The menu can be found in 30 Minute Meals 2.
  • Okay, there's no doubt that Rachael's talk show is really happening! My cousin may be on it (keep your fingers crossed, Jeny) and this woman is definitely on the show. Less than two months to go!


  1. I love that you put a weekly toll on who's been cooking what. Thanks Madeline!

  2. You are welcome. I always find myself doing searches for ideas about what to make and tips on her recipes. Then one day I thought, duh, you have a blog, you could share these posts.

    And the Rachael Ray Roundup was born....

  3. Great idea. I like the spelling requirement too. :)

    I look forward to checking out more RR reviews and recipes here.

  4. Thanks, Alysha. I am glad I was able to find your blog, too!


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