Rachael Ray: She Rumbles

I did one big post about the coverage of Rachael Ray's appearance in front of television critics at the Television Critics Association meeting, but Rick Kushman is one of my favorite T.V. writers, so I thought I would highlight his comments.

His review of Rachael's appearance starts out very well: "OK, here's who's cool: Rachael Ray. Funny, nice person, and she can cook." Kushman is not easy to impress, so I read on with anticipation! It is hard to pare down all the great stuff to a few highlights, but here's my best attempt:

Ray joined the parade of people here selling their wares to TV critics. That's a room full of people with a natural streak of distrust because, well, we cover television. But Ray convinced pretty much everyone that all that charm, enthusiasm and unpretentiousness on screen is genuine.

She rambled on in her usual, endearing way that doesn't translate too well to print; still, here are some highlights:

On whether, as a cooking-show person, she's got the chops to handle a talk/cooking/daytime mishmash show that lasts an hour: "Emeril gets the band and the buddies (for his show). Me, I'm talking to a zucchini every day for 30 minutes."

Ray was asked if she's really this nice, or if she has her cranky moments. Lack of caffeine, she said, can cause crankiness. Or the usual rude jerk, she added. "Like, I'm standing at the hotel the other day, and at night, it becomes this disco/nightclub thing. So you have to stand in line and show ID just to get to your room," Ray said. "And I'm standing out in line, and this guy smoking a cigar comes over and stands right in front of me, and I looked at him and said, 'Excuse me. Hello - I'm standing here.' He goes, 'There's two lines.' I said, 'Really? Where?' "I get right into it. I rumble easily. I'm fair, but I rumble."

See. Funny, she cooks, and she rumbles. The definition of cool.

Less than two months to go till the show premieres! Has anyone gotten tickets yet? Or gotten a call from the show to be on it? Give me some dish here people! If you don't want to put it in the comments, email me at everythingrachaelray [at] gmail [dot] com.


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