Rachael Ray Talk Show Media Blitz

Rachael Ray charmed the pants off the media last week. Not only did she charm them by being her usual, uncensored self, but she made them mini burgers and more! Rachael appeared at the Television Critics Association and on Monday, tons of media were covering her appearance.

Newspapers all over the country picked up the story, including the AP, USA Today, MSNBC, and ABC. The announcement of Rachael Ray's new show even made the news crawl on CNN and got a mention on celebrity website TMZ. She was also featured on People.com. I was serious when I used the word blitz in the title of this post. There are too many of them to mention! The winner of my favorite headline from this plethora of articles? This one from the Dallas Morning News - "TV press tour: Couric reserved, Ray ribs."

It was hard to narrow down all the great quotes to just a few, but this comment from Rachael about all those people who time how long it takes to cook a RR meal is worth sharing:
It's kind of creepy if you actually go home and set an egg timer," she said. "If I open the wine before I start cooking, it takes me a good 47 (minutes). If you've never picked up a knife in your life, it'll probably take you an hour."

I couldn't have said it better myself! You tell 'em Rach! I also loved this article by one of my favorite TV writers, Gail Fashingbauer Cooper:
But say this for her: Her press tour panel was one of the liveliest so far, mostly because Ray’s own personality bubbles over like an unwatched pot, and unlike her ingredients, nothing coming out of her mouth feels canned.

Ray has a new talk show, “The Rachael Ray Show,” which is about to start taping in New York, and she appeared to talk about her show with Terry Wood, president of creative affairs for King World and CBS Paramount. “She’s got the reins on me,” said the effusive Ray of Wood, all the while seeming as if no one had reins on her at all.


She’ll have sofas on her set, but is more excited about hanging around its kitchen table. “I’m probably the only show in daytime that has a driveway and a garage,” she revealed. She won’t be into product-placement on the show, she says, using an antique stove.

All of this hype is hopefully a good sign. And, it is great that Rachael has apparently won over the media. Have I mentioned that I am so darn excited?

[Photo from People.com]


  1. Saw on the news that your town is the skinniest in America. Of course, that list had Houston at #3 skinniest so I'm not sure how accurate it is but congrats! I'm sure staying in and cooking RR meals is helping with waistlines everywhere!!!

  2. I would not have guessed that! You would think that LA or the OC would be the skinniest. Maybe I should make more meals from Get Real Meals to make sure we retain our title.


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