Isn't All Olive Oil Greasy?

Just ran across this and it gave me a good laugh, so I thought I would share. Edward B. Kasselman of the New Jersey Star-Ledger wrote an article about an annual specialty foods product trade show called the 52nd Summer Fancy Food Show. Among the products on his "best and worst list" of products from the show was Rachael Ray's EVOO. He had these not-so-nice words to say about it:

Rachel Ray Olive Oil. Fagor America Inc. in Lyndhurst is the U.S. affiliate of a Spanish cookware company. They put this perky Food Network star's picture on bottles of mediocre, greasy Spanish olive oil and sell it for 30 percent over market value. Why bother?

Okay, last time I checked, all olive oil is greasy. Is that just me? I guess some could be greasier than others. And is olive oil from Spain bad? I've never heard that before. And my final question - a celebrity endorsement, especially from someone as popular as Rachael has to have some market value, why not 30 percent?

I bought one bottle of it, just to try it out. I probably won't buy another one, mostly because it is so much easier to just buy what is at my grocery store. But Sur La Table, a respected specialty store, carries the stuff, so it can't be that bad. I'm no olive oil connoisseur, but I liked it, for what that's worth!



  1. Hmm, there might be a difference, but I doubt I would notice. Some people are just overly stickler.

  2. There's an *enormous* difference in EV olive oils -- every bit as much as the difference in wines. Sur La Table's selection is mediocre at best, so RR's might be par for the course there. It's certainly not a great oil, though it's fine for most cooking. Everyone truly interested in food owes it to themselves to try the best selection of olive oils in North America at the Zingerman's deli in Ann Arbor, MI ( They'll let you try anything in stock. If you live in any big city, though, you certainly can find a specialty foods store with much better olive oils than RR's.

  3. I didn't even know she had her 'own' EVOO. That's pretty funny. I'd like to see this guy recommend an olive oil that isn't greasy. ;P

  4. I don't think I would notice the difference. Maybe the more I cook, the more I would appreciate good olive oil?


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