NewsFlash! My Cousin is Going to Meet Rachael!

Words cannot describe my excitement about this new development. Let's start at the beginning. My cousin Jeny (a frequent commentor here at Everything Rachael Ray) submitted show ideas at the Rachael Ray show website. Lo and behold - they contacted her. She had to submit a two minute tape and talk to several producers.

After a wait that was surprisingly short, she got the go-ahead! They decided to tape the segment at her house in Houston. I don't want to give too much away about the segment, but she recently shared the story of how the filming went:
So I finished filming my Rachael Ray segments. I am in fear of what the editing will make me look like (and yes, I'm going to blame editing like everyone else does). I made a mess in the kitchen, used the wrong herbs and then proceeded to drink too much wine. I hope when this all comes out that I still have a job, still have friends and don't give everyone too much fodder for making fun of me for the next few years to come. We'll see....eek!

The big surprise is that they're going to fly us (the girls) out to New York to the studio. Woot-woot!

Filming was good. Not real (as they have you repeat things, different angles, etc.) but yet, I totally get when reality stars say they forget the camera is there. While I knew it was there, you do, at some point, just get into the moment and forget. Weird. It was a long night on Friday. Lots of food. Lots of wine. Lots of driving (we hit every corner of the Houston metroplex area).

Now that Jeny and her daughter will be heading off to New York to see the show, we will get the inside dish on what it is really like.

I am so excited for Jeny. Okay, fine. I'm jealous, too! Let this be a lesson to all of you - if you apply at the website to be on the show, it could happen to you, too!


  1. Make sure she gets a chance to mention your blog to rachael or a producer if at all possible!

  2. She already has! I got an email from one of her producers telling me to "keep up the good work." And yes, I still smile when I think about it.

  3. I was just wondering - there's a possibility I wil be chosen to be a guest on the Rachael Ray show. What are the perks? What does it entail? I figure you'd know since your cousin was on and all! Thanks!

  4. Anony - Check out this post where Jeny talks about her experience on the show.


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